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make a plant pot out of a smoothie carton

Give your empty smoothie carton another life as a home for a plant. Just don’t go trying to sip it - apparently soil doesn’t taste that nice.


you'll need:

a smoothie carton


a cutting from a plant



paint, paintbrushes and any other decorations 

Step 1

Finish your smoothie, give it a rinse and ask an adult to help you cut the top off.


step 2

Decorate the carton with paint, crayons, stickers, gems or whatever else you fancy. 


Step 3

Fill the carton about three quarters full with soil. Then push your cutting a few centimetres into the soil so it stands upright. 


Step 4

Give it a little bit of water and put it in a sunny spot like a windowsill. Then water it regularly and watch it grow. 


outside our drinks

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