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grow some veggies

It’s easy to head into the supermarket and pick up some vegetables for dinner, but there’s something more rewarding about growing your own. And they come with the added bonus of zero queuing time.

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Step 1

Buy some seeds for the veg that you want to grow. 

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Step 2

Find an area of your garden to plant in, or buy a plant pot (pick one that’s at least 30cm to let your veggies grow)

If you're planting in the garden, look out for any pesky weeds and get rid of them, before adding some compost to your patch. 


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Step 3

Push your seeds down about 2.5cm deep and give them a little water. Then water them about every 10 days to help them grow (it’s thirsty work, growing). 

Once they're grown, enjoy your veggies with one of our recipes (it’s hungry work, planting). (link to recipe) 

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