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visit a museum

Fancy finding out what life was like before you were born? Maybe even before old people were born? Head to a museum and prepare for your brain to get a bit fuller.   


Step 1

Decide what you’d like to see, do or learn and check what’s on offer in your area. If there aren’t many museums where you live, find an adult who’s up for a day trip.


Step 2

Prepare for your day out. Pack a bag with your notebook, pens, pencils, snacks and a drink. Work out how you’re getting there and don’t forget to check the weather.


Step 3

Look at a map of the museum when you arrive and choose which bits you want to see.


Step 4

Sketch some pictures and jot down interesting things you find out as you go.


Step 5

Give your legs a rest somewhere comfy and have a snack.

Step 6

Head back home and share what you found out with everyone at home or at school.  

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